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    Low fees and outstanding service
    • Best Homes Property Management does a screening on all applicants.  We do all advertising on vacant units at no cost ot the owners.  We collect rents on a monthly basis and provide an itemized spread sheet on a monthly basis as well as disperse funds to owners.   Owners are contacted for any cosmetic issues concerning their property:  however, we reserve the right to take care of any electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioner or any emergency situation immediately.  In all circumstances, we process all service orders for general maintenance and repairs for our property owners unit without a mark-up for such service.

      Our new address is 415 Addison Ave, Suite 6 Twin Falls, Idaho 83301.  The new location allows us to offer more parking, easier access and more storage to immediately access any and all records.  We can also offer many expanded options which we feel confident will help us maintain the best service and technology available.  We offer rentals of homes and commercial properties in Southern Idaho areas.